Whether you’re making a day of it, or the whole week, we’ve got you covered! In addition to Patriots Week events, there are so many other things to do and places to see in and around downtown Trenton.

You’ll find the New Jersey State Museum and its planetarium, New Jersey State House, Patriots Theater at the War Memorial, Passage Theatre at Mill Hill Park, Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie Mansion and, of course, dozens of fabulous restaurants.

Old Barracks Museum
101 Old Barrack St., Trenton
(609) 396-1776

The Old Barracks Museum brings the world of Colonial America to life through interpretive programs, exhibits and preservation so that visitors can appreciate New Jersey’s history, the diverse people who made it and why it matters.

1719 Trent House
15 Market St., Trenton
(609) 989-3027

The Trent House is a Georgian-style Colonial house built in 1719 by Trenton’s namesake, William Trent. It is designated as a National Historic Landmark and is listed in both the State and National Registers of Historic Places.

Trenton Battle Monument
349 N. Warren and Broad Sts., Trenton
(609) 737-0623

The Trenton Battle Monument commemorates the American victory at the first Battle of Trenton, which occurred on December 26, 1776. It was here, at the intersection of North Broad Street, Warren Street and Brunswick, Pennington and Princeton Avenues, that the American artillery dominated the streets of Trenton and prevented the Hessian troops from organizing an effective counterattack.

Washington Crossing Historic Park
1112 River Rd, Washington Crossing, PA

Washington Crossing Historic Park preserves the site where George Washington crossed the Delaware River and turned the tide of the Revolutionary War. Every December, thousands of people (and several hundred reenactors in Continental military dress) gather here to stage and watch a reenactment of this historic event.

Princeton Battlefield State Park
500 Mercer Rd, Princeton
(609) 921-0074

On the morning of January 3, 1777,  the American troops, under General George Washington, surprised and defeated a force of British Regulars. Tours of the park and reenactments of the Battle of Princeton commemorate one of the fiercest battles of the Revolutionary War.

The 1739 Friends Meeting House
142 E. Hanover St., Trenton
(609) 278-4551

The Friends Meeting House was occupied by British Dragoons in December 1776. It is where George Clymer, a Pennsylvania signer of the Declaration of Independence, is interred in the burial ground.

Saint Michael’s Episcopal Church
140 N. Warren St., Trenton

In 1747, the congregation of this church was split between Loyalists and Patriots, causing the suspension of religious services during the Revolutionary War. David Brearley, a New Jersey signer of the Constitution, who later became the state’s first federal judge, is buried in the churchyard.

First Presbyterian Church
120 E. State St., Trenton

Here you’ll find unmarked graves of Hessians who died in the First Battle of Trenton, including Colonel Johann Rall. Reverend John Rosbrugh, a casualty of the Second Battle of Trenton, and the first American clergyman to die in battle, is also buried here.

Alexander Douglass House
165 E. Front St., Trenton
(609) 394-1965

It was in this small structure, on January 2, 1777, that the Continental Army council of war made the decision to make an overnight march to Princeton to attack the British garrison.


New Jersey State House
125 W. State St.
(609) 847-3150

Tour the state’s most historic public building. General and school tours, as well as virtual presentations, are available. Visit the website or calll(609)847-3150 for more information and schedules.

New Jersey World War II Memorial at Veterans Park
125 West State St.

Across from the State House at Veterans Park is a memorial that honors and pays tribute to the many sacrifices of our “Greatest Generation.”

Patriots Theater at the War Memorial
One Memorial Drive
(609) 984-8484

Opened in 1932, the War Memorial is a national and historic site that was built as “a great community center” dedicated to the memory of Mercer County residents who died fighting World War I.

New Jersey State Museum and Planetarium
205 W. State St.

The New Jersey State Museum encompasses three buildings including a state-of-the-art planetarium and holds more than two million artifacts in its collections in archaeology/ethnography, cultural history, fine art and natural history.

Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie Mansion
299 Parkside Ave.
(609) 989-1191

Located in Trenton’s historic Cadwalader Park, the Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie Mansion houses a fine collection of art and artifacts related to Trenton’s historical, industrial and cultural past and present.

Trenton Free Public Library
120 Academy St.
(609) 392-7188

The Trenton Free Public Library is the oldest library in New Jersey, founded in 1750 as the Trenton Library Company by Dr. Thomas Cadwalader. Benjamin Franklin is said to have purchased the library’s first 50 books. Originally a subscription library, it became incorporated as a free public library as it is known today in 1900 with Ferdinand W. Roebling serving as its first Board President.


1911 Smokehouse BBQ
11 West Front St.
(609) 695-1911

Arlee’s Raw Blends
25 S. Warren St.
(609) 880-1101

The Big Easy
111 S. Warren St.
(609) 393-1845

Capital Center Food Court
50 E. State St.

City Deli II
15 N. Willow St.
(609) 695-1119

Columbus International Pizza
8 S. Warren St.
(609) 393-5707

Delia’s Empanada Cafe
113 S. Warren St.
(609) 396-7775

Downtown Deli
118 S. Warren St.
(609) 392-5200

47 E. State St.
(609) 392-4494

Fabio’s Pizza
105 E. State St.
(609) 393-9333

Gyro Express
7 E. State St.
(609) 393-5555

Health Is Wealth
242 E. State St.
(609) 378-9088

The Hummingbird Restaurant
29 S. Warren St.
(609) 278-9555

Lucky’s Lunchbox
13 E. Front St.
(609) 378-0777

Royal Cake Creations
9 N. Willow St.
(609) 536-6400

Simply Delicious Grill
238 E. State St.
(609) 218-6437

Starbucks Trenton Community Store
102 S. Warren St.
(609) 393-0261

101 S. Warren St.
(609) 571-3366

Sunrise Luncheonette
26 S. Warren St.
(609) 278-8994

Tracey’s Kitchen
241 E. State St.
(609) 337-9098

Trenton Bagel Shop and Deli
17 S. Broad St.
(609) 599-4624

Click here for a full updated list of restaurants in Downtown Trenton.

Be sure to check hours or call ahead before visiting any restaurants. 



Liberty Commons | 16 East Front Street
Warren Street Garage | 110 North Warren Street
Lafayette Garage | 1 West Lafayette Street

On-street, metered parking available throughout downtown Trenton.

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